How to impress and retain customers with world class customer experience

Posted by Sean Kelly on 4/27/18, 8:00 AM


Download the full La-Z-Boy case study here!


La-Z-Boy has been producing the world’s most comfortable furniture for over 90  years. The company manufactures a full line of products for the living room and family room, including the company’s world-famous recliners! 

La-Z-Boy understands that today's customer is information-oriented and digitally-connected. While consumers may be unfamiliar with the term last mile, they know they expect passive solutions with real-time information. La-Z-Boy was eager to find a last mile solution that matched the quality of their products.

“The white-glove services offered by our delivery providers ensure a positive delivery experience, but issues can arise. The 10-4 solution allows for LZB to respond to delivery issues in real time, resulting in quicker resolution for our home delivery customer.”

Gregg Brown, Distribution Services Manager, La-Z-Boy Residential

Exceeding customer expectations is paramount in today’s retail delivery environment, especially in terms of managing last mile deliveries due to the personal nature and service expectations of these transactions.

For many companies, delivery issues not only affect the end customer experience, they also contribute to losses across the board, from scheduling inefficiencies, staffing issues and cost overruns to decreased driver morale and frustrated Distribution Center (DC) personnel.

“La-Z-Boy is known as a premium provider of high-quality home furnishings. In a hypercompetitive marketplace, that is proving insufficient to engender customer satisfaction and loyalty. We have the emerging opportunity to impress and retain customers with a world class customer experience extending from their first encounter on, to post-delivery support.”

Kim Ballewske, Director of Distribution, La-Z-Boy Residential

La-Z-Boy wanted to consolidate its carrier data and systems into one aggregated visibility portal with mobile application capabilities that would allow it to manage all last mile furniture deliveries in the North American network. Read More

Download the full La-Z-Boy case study here!


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