What Can a Visibility Solution Do for You?

Customer expectations have drastically changed the way the transportation and logistics industry operates. The attitude has shifted from a shipment will get there when it gets there, to wanting it delivered within seven days, to now wanting it delivered on the same day. And through it all, the customer wants to know where the order is at all times so that they can have the most accurate estimated time of arrival. This is especially crucial in the transportation of food products due to expiration dates.

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10 Features To Check For When Choosing a Visibility Provider

When it comes to Supply Chain Visibility technology, mere shipment location tracking is no longer sufficient. 

In today’s hyper-connected, hyper information-oriented landscape, shippers, carriers, freight managers, distribution centers, and consumers have become accustomed to specific, detailed, accurate, real-time information about how products gets from point A to point B.

In this context, it is no longer just about where a shipment is in transit, but when it will arrive, in what condition, and what level of risk will impact delivery times. 

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What is Final Mile Visibility?

Expectations run high in today’s consumer delivery environment, especially in terms of managing last mile deliveries at the cargo, distribution, and direct-to-consumer levels. For many retail, restaurant, food distribution, consumer goods, durable goods companies, etc. final mile delivery not only affects the end customer experience, it can also contribute to losses across the board from scheduling inefficiencies to staffing issues to cost overruns to decreased morale and frustrated DC personnel.

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