What Can a Visibility Solution Do for You?

Posted by Trimble Visibility on 10/10/18, 8:00 AM

Shipping clerk using visibility solution for FSMA compliance

Customer expectations have drastically changed the way the transportation and logistics industry operates. The attitude has shifted from a shipment will get there when it gets there, to wanting it delivered within seven days, to now wanting it delivered on the same day. And through it all, the customer wants to know where the order is at all times so that they can have the most accurate estimated time of arrival. This is especially crucial in the transportation of food products due to expiration dates.

Throughout this evolution of customer expectations, technology has played a big role in the ability to track and trace shipments. And while shippers and carriers have been slow to adopt new technology and business practices, they are starting to realize the true value of the technology that will help them meet customer demands. The latest trend in the food transportation industry is the implementation of a visibility solution, which helps shippers and carriers navigate the rules that were created by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

Improve Shipping Efficiency

Visibility technology puts power back into the carrier’s hands, providing real-time, 360-degree supply chain visibility views throughout the entire shipment lifecycle. Solutions enable for users to get end-to-end, real-time data and analytics across their operation. The idea is simple. Your data and your carrier/partner data is aggregated into the visibility solution. This includes all relevant freight data: loads, products, SKUs, stop locations, order information, shipment updates, temperature, etc.

Once all sources of data have been aggregated and proprietary algorithms applied, you are able to access clean, normalized data to upload into your TMS, ERP or WMS. This information platform gives users access to real-time visibility and helps them make informed and intelligent business decisions so that they can take action that moves their business forward.

FSMA Compliance

For shippers and carriers, this amount of information is vital for helping navigate the regulations set forth by the FSMA. The biggest benefit for visibility solution users is they have the ability to monitor the temperature range in a truck’s trailer. This helps ensure that proper food handling conditions are maintained throughout the duration of the transportation process.

If temperature ranges fluctuate, it increases the likelihood of foodborne pathogens destroying the product. With the strict regulations in place, a tool that monitors the trailer conditions will help ensure that shippers and carriers remain FSMA compliant.

To learn more about the FSMA and how it effects the transportation and logistics industry, please read our eBook, “FSMA Smart.


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